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Style Owner: Create Your Own Online Clothing Boutique


StyleOwner bills itself as a collection of virtual boutiques owned only by women. Like Google’s, StyleOwner gives bloggers, fashionistas and Rachel Zoe-wannabes the ability to create their own virtual storefront (for free) and stock it with items from over 2,000 brands carried by retail partners such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. StyleOwner uses the integration of social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to allow STYLEpreneurs to share their boutiques with friends and followers—the first social selling experience. The startup is helmed by an impressive crew: Joel Weingarten, who previously taught robotics at the University of Pennsylvania as a visiting research fellow; Jordana Silver, who worked in design and sales at Michael Kors for eight years; and Tracy Gardner, formerly the president of J Crew retail.

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Vidcaster lets you create video on your own domain


YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the whole world. While YouTue is a great place to store one’s cache of video, maybe you want to create your own independent video site to host your own videos — to take advantage of all those video optimization assets you can’t get from YouTube. VidCaster is a fun platform to let content creators easily publish and distribute video content online Like the paid VidCaster Silver ($39/mo) and VidCaster Gold ($99/mo) plans, the VidCaster Free plan allows users to choose a professionally-designed site theme, upload their logo, and select custom colors to create a unique viewing environment for their videos. And like paid VidCaster plans, the VidCaster Free plan also includes automatic video SEO to direct search results on sites like Google to a user’s video site. All you have to do is sign up for the free account on the site, connect your Google and YouTube accounts, and share your website URL with friends. The URL is a subdomain of VidCaster; you can get a dedicated URL by opting for a premium account. The site also lets you choose your page template, view video stats, and it visitors leave comments ...

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Convert Webpages into Ebook (EPub) with Dotepub


DotEPUB is free software that allows any webpage to be converted into an e-book. The application creates the e-books in EPUB format and comes in 3 flavors: bookmarklet to be installed on browsers, a chrome plugin, widget for integration into websites. The software which allows this conversion is based directly on the cloud, and requires no download whatsoever. And you don’t have to worry either about having the latest version or not, because it will always be updated automatically.

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Tapping into the travel experiences of your friends is a whole lot more valuable than getting questionable info from random strangers. Trippy does offers an internet platform to rely on friends’ recommendations for the place or places you want to visit. Trippy ties into social sites like Facebook to find your friends who know about where you’re traveling to (those who have checked in, live, work, or go to school there) and who already know your personal details. The site will search automatically for users who live, work, or have visited that place some time. This startup’s mobile app also allows users to follow along through seeing your pictures in realtime as you roll through the recommendations they provided on your itinerary.

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Tinkercad. Web-based 3D Modeling for Makers


Tinkercad allows you design 3D objects on your computer and then materialize them using 3D printers. The service is strongly focused on teaching people about design and CAD software using engaging and fun quests. Tinkercad is free, and encourages sharing designs under a creative commons license. It is built on the WebGL platform so requires a modern browser (and in some cases, modern graphics cards) to run it. You start by creating an account on the site. Next you are provided with a canvas to draw your 3D object on. Drawing tools include variously shaped 3D brushes and tools that let you easily draw holes and slots into your design.

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Create Navigable Site Mockups With ClickDummy


Are you looking for the any way to share linked mockups on the web in a clickable format so my viewers can click through them like on a normal webpage?. You should check out Clickdummy. It turns your website, mobile and software mockups into clickable prototypes with room for annotation and feedback from your clients, friends, and co-workers. Simply upload mockups you’ve created offline. Then, link them together and let people navigate your mockups like a real website. Share and get comments privately or publicly. Your friends and clients don’t need an account. The result is a very convincing simulation that does a much better job of communicating user experience than mockups alone.”

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Rawporter: Makes Some Cash for News


Rawporter is a service that helps the news media instantly source raw news content. Instead of sending out an expensive news crew or waiting on their loyal audience to submit “breaking news,” Rawporter enables news outlets to request specific content from everyday people who are near newsworthy events. Rawporter, a free iPhone App will also help everyday people get the cash and the credit they deserve for capturing video and images of newsworthy events. Rawporter also notifies users when they’re near breaking news, increasing the chances they’ll get paid.

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When I Work: Employee Scheduling Software


Owners or managers of small or mid-sized organizations spend a lot of time to prepare shifts and schedules for their workers. It is a quite complex as well as tiresome task. When I Work is a web service that helps employers manage the shifts of their employees. If your employer uses the ‘When I’ web app to make the work schedule, you can use this app to see when you work anytime. This app allows you to see when you work, make time-off requests, ask for shift trades, and monitor requests. Tell your employer to check out for a FREE trial

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