8 Free Video Chat Rooms


1. Tinychat provides browser-based video chat rooms where you can broadcast from your camera and microphone to anyone who joins your chat room. TinyChat‘s Peer-to-Peer chat service allows you to set up a one-on-one conversation with a friend in literally seconds. No plug-ins, no software, not even a username required. The only thing you literally have to do is pick a URL for your video on the p2p.tinychat.com domain. You can also just use a microphone or join the old-school text chat. You also have the option to send a message to your Twitter followers if you want them to join you in the chat room. The free version of Tinychat will have very few privacy controls, though the room owner (generally the first person to enter a room), can ban users or mute them. The most complicated thing to figure out for new users is how to choose their webcam and to remember to click the “start broadcasting” button if they want to participate in the video chat.

2. YouCams provides a free instant video chat room solution. YouCams chat rooms are customizable, and otherwise include the standard chat room features you get with AIM. Using YouCams.com is simple and also gives you the freedom to enter or create private or public chat rooms. Private rooms are great for serious discussions, and public chats allow us to revert back to AOL days. By entering a random chat room, you never know who you might meet. Moreover, it allows you to watch live videos in real-time with friends in other dorms, states, and countries. YouCams.com is available for all websites by grabbing the code from the website and putting it on your site or blog. Other features include sharing widgets and adding games, videos and music.

3. Chatroulette! is a web site that allows users to connect to and video chat with random (site-chosen) users. The site receives about 500,000 visitors per day and there are about 35,000 people on Chatroulette at any given time. Visitors to the website randomly begin an online stranger chat (video and text) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat and initiate another random connection. The website uses Adobe Systems Flash Player to display video and access the user’s webcam. The new Rtmfp peer-to-peer network protocol inside Flash Player 10 allows almost all video and audio streams to travel directly between user computers, without using server bandwidth.

4. Zupyo gives the same video-chat-with-a-random-stranger experience, but it also allows users to search for a chat partner by keyword. For example, users can search for people by proximity if they use geographical keywords or by interest if they use keywords to describe a hobby. They can also set up random number/letter strings to set up an instant, private video chat on the site.

5. Chatablanca is mix of comic and video chat software. It is organized in rooms of maximum six persons.
It is organized in rooms of maximum six persons: Three male and three female. People in the same room can talk while they watch each other. You can move around the room, vote negatively or positively your roommates. Once sign-in, you can active your web cam and microphone, add some friends and send them private messages, you can whisper to someone on the public room, and you will also have your own chat room.

6. BoostCam is a service that provides free, instant and disposable two-way video conferencing. You can use it right away without installing any plugins. Just visit BoostCam and click on “Start Chat”.. there you go, you will be given one instant disposable URL that you can send it to your friend/family.. once they visit that URL, their webcam will be connected and you and your friend/relative will be able to talk to you. It is that simple. This is a great instant service that allows you to start a video conference in a snap and also great if you do not wish to share your IM account.

7. TokBox, The problem with most video chat software is that everyone you chat with needs to have downloaded the client. TokBox works online for two-way chats and multi-point video conferences with no software to download, and the registration is Web 2.0-streamlined to get you talking straightaway.You can add your GTalk, Yahoo, AOL or SMS accounts to Tokbox and invite your friends to join the chat, you can look for and chat with some strange Tokbox users, and you can also send a video message to Tokbox users.

8. Meebo‘s core product is a browser-based IM platform, allowing people to use multiple IM accounts on the one webpage. Meebo supports lots of the major IM clients and top social networks, including Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM and Google Talk. It also integrates with lesser-known services, such as Yonja, Dance Trippin, Ultimate Guitar and FooPets. On Meebo rooms, you can chat with someone with web cam when your request is accepted. If you are a member of Meebo, you can send a file to your chat friend. And you can also embed the chat room on your website.

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