50+ Free Online Photo Tools

30 Free Online Photo Tools
Online image editor begin to popular now, especially with social networking users like Myspace user, Friendster user or Facebook user. The simplicity and ease to use is one of advantage online image editor. You don’t need know about layer, masking and blend. Just click, click and boom! your image ready to show at your page. Of course, this service is not limited with social networking users, but web developer often use it to customize site banner or his website.

Online Photo/Image Editor and Customizer (For General use)

  • Snipshot – There are five tools to choose from (undo, resize, crop, rotate, adjust), but snipshot is simple, ease to use and not complicated,
  • Pixenate – If you need more options, you can try pixenate. This online editor also including red eye reduction and photo enhanced.
  • Online Photo Tool – This java applet photo editor contains: Curves, Cloning, Recoloring, Auto-Levels, improved Sharpening, Add Borders, Red Eye Removal and many more. Saving your photos is one of member features.
  • MyImager – Upload images from your computer and from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the dozens of tools and filters available.
  • Picnik – Picnik allows you to edit things in a variety of ways. You can crop, rotate, resize, edit exposure, edit colors, sharpen, fix red eye, and auto fix. The auto-fix tool is cool, because it will take inconsistencies in the photo, and spruce them up a little big. You can save your customized photo directly to flickr and send it to slew image hosting.
  • Cellsea – Cellsea included the unsharp mask function for accurately adjusting sharpness and some of the features available were up there with full-blown graphics tools.
  • Phixr – including cropping, brightness, rotation controls, and red-eye removal. Some advanced tools like pixel-noise removal and 14 Photoshop-like filters is ready to use.
  • VicImager – VicImager is online image processing that running under ASP.net. The special FX is similiar with filter on photoshop. Some features is not as well implemented as Cellsea, but this tool use simple and ease to use interface.
  • Picture2Life – This online image editor is especially ideal for pictures already online, on sites like Flickr and Friendster. You can import, export and upload photos from all over the net or from your hard drive. The interface makes it easy to modify your pictures without getting confused about tools.
  • NetImager – Powered with java, this tool allows you to use layer, so you can keep your photo clean.
  • ImageAuthor – It is an online Java image editor. It can display, edit, process, and save 32-bit color images including BMP, GIF, JPEG, and ICO files.
  • nexImage – An image editor with scalable user interface and skins. The tools of this image editor consist of cutting, scaling, rotating and mirroring, image filters for colour correction (automatic or manual), sharpen and blur, effects, multi-layer picture assembly, word processing tools, reversal/restoration
  • LookWow – This tool is a photo enhancement that can help you to instantly smooth your skin, brighten your features, crop and resize your photo, adjust colors to glamour, moonlight effect and more.
  • The Rasterbator – Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. Rasterbation is the process of taking an image, blowing it up, pixelating it, and printing it onto numerous pieces of paper. You can either upload a file from your computer or use any file that is publicly available in the Internet. After you have cropped the image and selected a desired size, the rasterbated image will be sent to you as an easily printable pdf file.
  • PicResize – This website isn’t just give you image resizer, but you can give equalizer, gaussian blur, spread, oil paint and many others special effect.
  • Rsizr – Resize, rescale, rotate and crop your image with very simple interface
  • Splashup – This is a powerful image editor on the web. It gives you features like desktop image editing software, such as : layer depth, filters, multi images editor, brush, lasso tool and many others feature.
  • FotoFlexer – It also gives you powerful online image editor. Special effects, layer depth, distort effect, funny object to stick on your photo and other advanced tools. Tools are separated with tabs.
  • Pixer.us – Resize, crop, rotate, flip and some special effects for your image. A simple photo editor.
  • XmgImg – Image hosting service that provides an interface for users to manage, edit, and share their images online.
  • MyPictr – This site claims will make profile picture for you. A simple onto resize your photo.
  • LunaPic – Another complete photo editor tool. You can get many animation and special effects.

Online Photo/Image Editor and Customizer (For Special Effect use)
These photo editor is suitable to make you profle photo more exciting.

  • Flikr Toys – Containing many special effect for image, you can make your image into jigzaw puzzle, badge maker, calendar from your photograph, mosaic maker, cd cover, billboard and many others funyy tools.
  • Graphita – Graphita comes with many funny objects to stick on your photo. You can either give words like comic or scratch your photo. You can either upload your own picture or use image from Graphita.
  • FlauntR – Just with three steps and you can get thousand of special effects for your photo
  • Fotline – Make water effect photo with 1-2-3 steps

Misc. Photo Editor
These are unique photo editor such as make a fake magazine cover with your photo or make your own posters

  • Glogster – Make your own poster and share it.
  • MagMyPic – Fake magazine covers with your photo
  • RockYou – Create Image slideshow with simple steps
  • Slide – A popular site to make your own image slideshow

Most Popular Free Stock Photos

  • SXC.hu – The biggest stock photos on the internet.
  • MorgueFile – Free stock photos without any registration to get it.
  • PixelPerfectDigital – More than 5000 free stock photos

Most Popular Photo Sharing Site and Hosting

  • Flickr – The most popular photo sharing site
  • Zorpia – Zorpia is like Myspace with some more photo features.
  • MyPhotoAlbum.com – This website offers users features that will help you create “online photo albums as unique as you are.” Once you’ve uploaded your photos, turn them into cards, e-mails invitations and more.
  • Snapfish – Store and share your photos online for free when you use Snapfish
  • KodakGallery – Photo sharing from Kodak that let you store and share photos.
  • Photobucket – Popular photo sharing site.
  • Shutterfly – Creating calendars from your photos.
  • Picasa – Free web album from Google
  • Webshots – Very popular site to share your photos.
  • Photobox – Share photos and get prints
  • SlideShare – Sharing powerpoint slides and image slideshows.
  • Zooomr – Store, share, sort, sell, and search all your photos and those of other users at Zooomr.
  • ContakMe – Share your photos and find new friends

Most Popular Image Hosting Without Registration

  • ImageShack – The most popular image hosting service with many addon.
  • AllYouCanUpload- – Image hosting without limit and multiple uploads.
  • TinyPic – A popular image hosting service
  • BayImg – Uncencored image hosting from Piratebay
  • XS.to – Image hosting with 2.5 MB file limit
  • ImgPlace – Image hosting with multiple image uploads
  • ImageVenue – Uploading up to five images

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