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Zepy taking a break for a week

Here is just an announcement that I will be taking a break for the next week. So, that means there won’t be any posting on this blog within the next week. But feel free to discuss about web 2.0 or anything related to website or software on

So guys, please keep civil when you post your comments here on Zepy :)

Max Web Design Blog – A blog for freak designer

Max Web Design Blog - A blog for freak designer

Today, i’m visiting Max Web Design Blog. This blog is written by Robert G. and you can find articles about how to design blog, website marketing and website search engine optimization tips. It’s not only about website optimization technique but also about server optimization, networking and online business. So, you can find many kind of articles in just one place. The magazine style of this blog make a difference with other blog and the navigation is easy.
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Backup Platinum 4.0 Review

One of the most important thing to keep your files safe is backup it regularly. You should backup your PC routine, especially if you have important files in your computer. You can use manual way, but it is a little complicated. Or you can use backup software instead. There are many backup softwares out there, but i will take a look at Backup Platinum here.

Backup Platinum 4.0 Review

Backup Platinum help you to organize and make backup for you. It works on all Windows beyond Windows 95. It makes a reserve copy of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: external drives or USB drives, CD, FTP server or LAN. You can backup and secure easily your important data like your business documents, email addresses of your friends and families, your favorite images or videos. Read the rest of this entry »