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Useful StumbleUpon Tips

StumbleUpon Facebook

The Stumbleupon works differently from any other social networking site. You will get toolbar and start to stumble page that you like. Sometimes, Stumbleupon toolbar itself has many misteries. Not only the toolbar but also Stumbleupon website could be tweaked to get more friends or make you easier to stumble pages. I hope these tips will be useful for you even so these are just old tips.

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50+ Free Online Photo Tools

Online image editor begin to popular now, especially with social networking users like Myspace user, Friendster user or Facebook user. The simplicity and ease to use is one of advantage online image editor. You don’t need know about layer, masking and blend. Just click, click and boom! your image ready to show at your page. Of course, this service is not limited with social networking users, but web developer often use it to customize site banner or his website.

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Play Flash Games Online through Wii

There are many sites that you can play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii’s Opera web browser. Of course, you can choose many flash games and play it with your wiimote. Even tough you don’t have Wii, you can use your own mouse to try this wii flash games, but not all games can play it with your mouse.

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5 Useful Bandwidth Monitoring Freewares


I always use real time bandwidth monitoring software when i connected to the internet. Measuring your internet speed is one of important thing because you can keep your computer secure from unknown internet connection. Spyware can send your private data on your computer to the internet without your aware. Not only for that problem, when you pay for 1.5 Mbps and you’re only getting 384 Kbps. You can use bandwidth monitoring software to show what you are actually getting. I found some bandwidth monitoring freeware with nice looking GUI and ease to use that can be useful for you.

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25+ Useful Encyclopedia other than Wikipedia

You know as well Wikipedia is the most popular encyclopedia online now. But, encyclopedia online is not only Wikipedia. You can find encyclopedia of comic, Encyclopedia of Life, Encyclopedia of mythology and many more!. I create a list that can be useful to find your information via these encyclopedia.

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List of Video Online Converter

video downloader

Many youtuber and video viewer like to download video with youtube downloader . So the file extension still use FLV, you can convert your file manually after download videos. Don’t use two steps if you can use just one simple step. You will interesting with these free converter and downloader on the fly before you download the videos.

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Zepy Top Articles and News for Today #4

Zepy Top Articles and News for Today daily update! WordPress 2.2.2 and 2.0.11 Released Introduction to Google Guice Top 7 Web Conferencing Solutions The Best Bill O’Reilly YouTube Video TorrentSpam: Report Fake and Malware Ridden Torrents

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