ChumBonus Revolutionizes Employment Seeking

ChumBonus offers a referral-based employment site that enables friends and family to refer candidates to potential jobs AND offers the referrer a bonus for participating in the process). ChumBon aims to connect job seekers (the “chums”) with referrers and employers at amount of the bonus varies because each company posts its own “referral bonus.”
Employers pay nothing in their system to list their career opportunities (Unlike Monster or CareerBuilder), meaning ChumBonus is a complete meritocracy. Employers pay upon a successful hire and pay far, far less than leveraging traditional recruitment means.Along with the posting, clients specify how much of a bonus they are willing to pay to the person who refers them the candidate they ultimately hire. ChumBonus charges a percentage fee on top of the bonus amount, however, the bonus and fee are only paid if the client successfully hires a candidate that is referred.
When it comes to charities, these can join the site by signing up at no cost. Upon doing so, they will become publicly visible to every site user, as charities are featured on the main page in addition to being browsable by category

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