Create Funny Logo Create funny logos for your search engines

funnylogo allows you to make your own search engine with your name as logo. Once created copy the URL and put it in you blog or website or share it through twitter. Your visitors and friends will now see your personal search engine. These include not only designs patterned after Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter but also designs that take after news channels (like CNN), famous movies (like Stars Wars and Jurassic Park) and brands such as Ferrari.

It gives you simple way to do,  even you don’t need to register and soon. Just visit the site  and choose the choose a logo design from the several that are offered. Then, click “create my search engine” you will have search engine with URL : As it is probably too long for you, the URL usually is shortened with the service which offers URL Forwarding such as: atau can be used to give any site or blog the kind of personalized details visitors always appreciate.

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