Solve Download Problem at when using Download Accelerator

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I get error when i tried to download files at via Flashget. The download problems usually coming up when i tried to download file from I use Rapidshare premium account and using Flashget to download, but when the file reach ~90%, it always error. Just 1 of 10 files success download from via Flashget.

I visit another file hosting that allowed download accelerator without premium account. Mediafire say that the applications below have been confirmed to cause problems downloading files from MediaFire
* FlashGet – Downloads reach ~99% and then stall
* DownThemAll – Downloads reach 100%, but then restart from scratch
* Internet Download Manager – Downloads are often corrupted when they reach 100%
* Free Download Manager – Resuming downloads doesn’t work
So, not only flashget get problem with downloading files at file hosting.

After some download problems with flashget, i try Orbit downloader. When i saw the Orbit downloader interface, it is like flashget. The feature is similiar with flashget. It also have “get it” feature like
“download flash” feature in flashget.

orbit downloader

The minus of orbit downloader is just the “get it” feature must be turn off manually, when you restarted the computer. Sometimes this feature annoy me.

11 thoughts on “Solve Download Problem at when using Download Accelerator

  1. tucan download manager is great for downloading from rapidshare just google it its got a tucan bird as its icon

  2. HELP!!!
    I use free account to download a file, but I meet this error: Your IP is downloading… when I never downloaded any file before! What is problem??!!

  3. if you are also tiered of broken rapidshare links, try – this search engine shows only rapidshare links
    after checking them, which really saves you a lot of time. further
    more it finds everything (even unknown ones

  4. After only 2 weels downloading with Orbit it stopped completely.
    All downloads are aborted immediately. Other downloader works.
    Anyone an idea.

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