GazoPa: similar image search engine

GazoPa is an image search engine by Hitach. Unlike regular image search services, GazoPa relies on characteristics such as similar colors and shapes rather than traditional metadata. Since GazoPa use image features such as color and/or shape, users can look for images without typing any words. This gives users easy and unique way of searching images on the web.
You can use GazoPa’s simple drawing tool to roughly outline the type of image you’re looking for, and GazoPa will use its search prowess to find.

GaZoPa enables users to do searches by uploading a picture from their PC/Mac, entering the URL of an image, drawing something within the front page, or using keywords. Moreover, GazoPa can support not only photo but also the search of video thumbnail. GazoPa lets users find favorite video from similarity of video thumbnail. The search results are then filtered, mostly by analzying the color and shape of the object or person in the image
GazoPa for iPhone app also has a search option such as search by color, layout, shape and the ability to filter by size, video thumbnail.The GazoPa for iPhone app can be found by searching for ‘GazoPa’ in the iPhone App Store.

Gazopa  competes with Google in similar search, but according to project leader Hideki Kobayashi, Google doesn’t allow users to find similar images of all images displayed and that uploading a picture by yourself isn’t possible.