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The Graffiti Crator is an easy-to-use Flash application that allows you to make your very own graffiti-styled logotypes. Graffiti is commonly referred to in every day life usually takes the form of publicly drawn, painted, sprayed or stenciled text, designs, logos or images covering public structures and buildings. It’s often considered a public nuisance or outright vandalism it’s subjects vary from prose, to signatures (or sigs), personal, social or political statements or advertising and images. However, it is sometimes recognized as a modern art form with it’s origins in urban life and hip hop culture based on creative expression.

Graffiti Creator is the best tool on the web for developing your own graffiti styled texts. With it, you don’t have to be an artist to achieve that graffiti-type style lettering. You don’t need Photoshop or other expensive software either. Even, you are not good at graffiti and you want to go out tagging up the neighbourhood just print off your tag in the site and paste it on the walls its cheaper than spray paint.

Simply type in a word and outcomes a designed font ready for you to modify into beautiful art. Select the font you like best and click the image or the load button to start. Once loaded you can start typing in texts and see how the program generates pure magic for you, use various tools to further enhance your text to reach maximum look. Amazingly,  you can drag and drop all characters wherever you please and you can choose to control particular letters and not others. Happy tagging!


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