Green Wedding Gift Registry with AllGreenWedding

 Green Wedding Gift Registry with AllGreenWedding looks to tap into the movement by offering brides and grooms-to-be with a way to make their gift registry more environmentally friendly. This site suggests not to waste energy getting gifts delivered cross country. AllGreenWedding offers cash gift feature to save energy and wasteful packaging and send user a check and user can pick up the gift locally. This is based an idea that having gifts shipped cross-country wastes a lot of fuel and packaging materials. So a key feature of’s registries is that wedding guests can choose a specific gift but have AllGreenWedding send the newlyweds a check for the item’s price. So,  that it can be bought locally. There is also registration for couple to their favorite environmental charities, giving guests the option of making a donation in lieu of giving a wedding gift. With the partial-purchase program, couples can register for expensive gifts and their guests can opt to buy just a portion of it. AllGreenWedding not only revives of the environmentally conscious options like buying gifts locally, It also features a lot of retailers known for being environmentally friendly.

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