JuniorU.com – Education and Social Network

JuniorU is a classroom management tool for teachers, a ‘notebook’ for students, a progress report for parents, and a fun social networking site for all three.Teachers are able to post assignments and grades and interact and share ideas with other teachers. Students will be able to view their grades and assignments, hand in assignments online, play online games, and interact with other students. The site allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress.


The parents and children register and enroll through their teachers, and the teachers are previously verified through Junior U’s own strict security system. Students will have the opportunity to play games, build profiles, message friends and classmates, teachers, parents, and view their grades. Parents are able to view their child’s grades, build profiles, message the teachers, and have some fun in a safe social network where they can be sure of their child’s well-being, and the people they interact with. The application is built to ease the management of school resources and increase the quality of learning processes in general by involving parents more in the process of children education.

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