LogoEase.com – Design A brand image in unique Logo

LogoEase.com - Design A brand image in unique Logo

LogoEase.com - Design A brand image in unique Logo

As we think our brand image is our logo and that is important. A unique logo should represents our mark and our vision, something that stands out from the rest. Making a unique logo from the tools provided is a challenge because everyone is provided with the same shapes to choose and the same editing tools. Logo Ease provides users with two options. Firstly, it is the free option where you can choose from an array of shapes which include categories such as: mountains, transport, eye, sports, religious, space, music, celebration, and more . Then you can edit by adding up to five lines of text, choosing fonts, adjusting the scale, rotating, and changing the color. Later save your finished logo and you are done. As it can be used by anyone, you run the risk of creating a logo that is similar to someone else’s. Logo Ease gives users the opportunity to use professional logo design software so that you can make a unique logo. The software costs $149 and you can revise your logo as many times as you want. Logo Ease offers logo options for all the different needs users may have.

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  1. I cannot get the logo that I created on logoease.com to download. I have emailed them and have not gotten a response. I have called The Logo Company because logoease does not have a phone number. The Logo Co says they may be having technical difficulties, but could not give me a phone number for them. Do you have any contact info for logoease.com?

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