Making 3D Models Come to Life with

 shapeways_logo-jadi.jpg is a tool allows budding artists, product designers and amateurs to use their own familiar tools to create 3-D models of their designs. Then they can order 3-D physical models of the designs. helps users import and modify designs made by popular 3D modeling software; currently accepted formats include STL, Collada, X3D. They use a technique called ‘3D Printing’ which turns out high quality print outs; this method is normally rather pricey, but ShapeWays is offering it to the community at large so that they can bring you affordable prices. You can choose from several different material types: these include Cream Robust, White Detail and Transparent Dream. Within ten working days the tangible product will be produced and delivered to the consumer globally.The company runs a community where artists can comment on each other’s work.Payments may be made through credit card or Paypal. Pricing starts at around $3/cm3; you must order a minimum amount of $25 to cover shipping and handling. Sign up is free.

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