MrUptime: Free Uptime Monitoring Tool

Mr. Uptime, a Plug-in for the Firefox browser will serve as a follow-up measure Uptime Monitoring and follow up on your site that you are disabled and have to notify you as soon return to work. According to Netcraft there are 52 million active websites on the Internet Pingdom says that, from its survey results, it estimates that the 52 million websites have about 12,000 years of downtime each month and that the average website
downtime per month is two hours.

Once installed, if you hit a site that’s down, the Mr. Uptime toolbar will automatically pop up. You can hit one button to bookmark it for later. Pingdom will keep an eye on the link until it’s back up – or as long as you set it to look – then open it in a new tab or window on your browser. You can also set it to give you a small alert. Sam Nurmi, CEO of Pingdom said the product had been developed for Firefox “because it is developer friendly, cross-platform, and has a huge community of users that are always hungry for new, useful extensions.”

MrUptime Features
*Monitor down/error pages by: server status code (i.e. when status changes from error to *OK) or by keyword/s on the webpage (see demo below).
*Watchlist Duration: Specify Set how long you want to keep checking a website. (24 hours, 120 hours, etc)
*Alerts: Get notified when a website is working again.
*MrUtime Toolbar: Only shown when an error page is encountered or when you choose to open it manually.

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