– A Service For Social Quizzing


OneExtraLap is a social quizzing website that allows you to share and learn knowledge in a fun way. You can take content-rich, meaningful quizzes or create quizzes to share your knowledge. Plus, all activities are incorporated into points and badges. Everything is so intuitive and easy to use. When you first go to the site, you can easily login with your Twitter account and follow all the people using the service that you already follow on Twitter.

Simply create a quiz on what you know and let your friends test their knowledge. You can take content-rich, meaningful quizzes that are made by your friends, or you can share some of your wisdom by creating quizzes as well. Much like Twitter, the social side of OneExtraLap is driven by allowing users to follow their friends. This, in turn, makes the OneExtraLap homepage a personalized stream of your friends activities on the site. You will receive points and badges that will embellish your profile from that point onwards.

OneExtraLap brings you a whole new social quizzing experience. The more you do, the more you earn! And it is addictive! Then, be careful!

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