– Your Interactive Web Business Card - Your Interactive Web Business Card - Your Interactive Web Business Card

Common  Business Cards requires a constant update whenever you change something and specially if you have made one which is glossy and little pricey. The retaggr Profile Card is about identity – its a virtual, interactive business card which you can customize as you wish. The profile card you can create allows you to promote your own blog, let other readers know a little bit more about you through your tweets, choices, recent blog posts, etc. They have made a smart move by including most of the Social Media sites and also the common messengers services like Gtalk and Windows Live messenger. your partner will be able to contact you straightly through the card to GTalk, Skype, MSN, or one of your other online profiles on sites like LinkedIn, or StumbleUpon. The biggest advantage you get is if you change anything there is almost no changes on your e business card. You can embed in your site or just get the URL and send it to any body. This should come in handy even if you want to refer people. Just send the link ( here is mine) and they know most of things about the person.

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