Smashwords for iPhone

Smashwords a new digital publishing startup for iPhone users. Smashwords allows anyone to become a published ebook author in minutes. The site is ideal for full length novels, short fiction, essays, poetry, personal memoirs, non-fiction and screenplays. Early in this month, Smashwords announced that all their book are available DRM-free and multi-format, including the increasingly popular epub format used by Stanza. It also introduced full integration with the Stanza ebook reader. Thus,  Stanza users can now easily access the complete Smashwords catalog on their iPhone or iPod Touch, download book samples and free books, access their personal Smashwords library, and even download full books they’ve purchased online at


Yesterday (December 16) Smashwords introduced a coupon generator that allows self-published authors to issue promotional coupon codes for their books for sharing on blogs, websites, social networks and fan email lists. Authors can also create coupons that entitle the recipient to receive the book for free, which can be useful for promoting the book to book reviewers or for use in limited time promotions.

For independent authors, there’s never been a better time to publish ebooks on Smashwords. Authors simply upload their manuscripts as Microsoft Word files, and then Smashwords automatically converts the book into multiple DRM-free ebook formats, such as .epub, .lrf, .pdf, .mobi, .pdb, .rtf and .txt. Authors set the price of their books, determine the sampling percentage, and receive 85% of all net sales proceeds. Authors access the Coupon Generator from their Smashwords Dashboard. Most Smashwords books are priced between $3.00 and $5.00. Smashwords books are available for free sampling, often up to 50% of the book,

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