Sonicshack helps you design & customize t-shirts & caps


T-shirt is the most common people worn in daily activities. Many of the T-shirts people wear have the same old logos and souvenir designs. But, perhaps you have always had that creative streak in you. Drawing,designing, painting and sketching all come natural to you? How would you like to have your designs printed on a custom T-shirt and sell them online? offers people around the world the opportunity to design custom t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors. The site offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, as well as a unique website-based design application that allows people to create their custom t-shirts without ever leaving the site. Customers can choose from a preexisting design / template or create something completely original by adding custom graphics, picturesand choosing their own text and color. will then print and ship the customer’s custom-made items directly to their preferred location. Once you have designed your t-shirts you can either purchase it yourself or sell them through your virtual shack. A shack which you can create from within the website. “Our T-shirt design process is much simpler than the competition’s. We wanted to give customers the chance to make T-shirts with as few steps as possible,” says John Vincent, owner of Besides t-shirts, you are able to design other items as well such as bags, caps, banners and more. To thank their loyal customers, will begin accepting entries starting June 1st for the $10,000 give away. The first draw will be on September 30, 2008. So if you’re looking for top quality custom-made shirts and apparel, go to the absolute best

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