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Synchronize song lyrics in real time- TuneWiki

 Synchronize song lyrics in real time- TuneWiki

A new app will enhance your personal music experince is offered by TuneWiki.  This tool allows you playing music in your iPhone/iTouch and PC and scrolls the lyrics of the song real-time. TuneWiki is allows users to synchronize song lyrics, much like a karaoke machine. While listening to their music, users can read and scroll through song lyrics at the same time. This system is free to download, and easy to use. TuneWiki was introduced in 2007, and became quite successful, although initially the tool could only be utilized with hacked iPhones. Universal Music will begin working with TuneWiki,  TuneWiki recently announced. So, thus opening doors to increase the amount of published material available through the product.   TuneWiki deepens your relationship to music via always-on synchronized lyric stream.

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