WindowBlinds 6.2


Stardock is pleased to announced the release of WindowBlinds 6.2 today. A WindowBlinds skin can make Windows look like an alternative operating system, like their favorite sports or car brand, or something completely new. These “visual styles” can be applied across the entire user interface (title bars, push buttons, start menu, taskbar, etc.) of the operating system. Because WindowBlinds uses the latest hardware acceleration features of modern video cards, WindowBlinds won’t slow down your computer and uses very little memory.

What’s new in version 6.2:

  • Improved compression on start menu animations
  • Animated wait screens during Apply
  • Enhanced layer support (accompanied by skin author support in SkinStudio 6.2)
  • Bug Fixes

Many additional features like the ability to change color/hue/brightness on the fly, change toolbar icons of IE and Explorer, and much more are presented in version 6.2. It also makes use of hardware acceleration found on most nVidia and ATI cards resulting in an overall performance increase. Version 6 is the first revision that fully supports Windows Vista

Download: WindowBlinds 6.2 (free trial, $19.95)

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